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Creating a Centennial Enterprise with Vitality

Total Swiss Five Core DNAs,With the mission of "Promoting the health of human population and Delivering the gospel of health" and the concept of "Taken from the Community, Giving back to Society", TS continue to be a truly excellent global corporation while maintaining the legacy of its corporate DNA, and grow into an outstanding enterprise full of endless energy since its inception.

The Five Core DNAs:

1、Empowering products
Total Swiss's flagship product, Fit Solution, has created hundreds of thousands of loyal customers through its three unique characteristics: "-Complete and Balance Nutrients, -Nutrients Absorption System, -Energy Slope Arrangement".
The invincible product power that moved all experiencers and created countless testimonies has become the first condition for establishing TS Legend.

2、Leading-edge health discourse
Prof. Wang repeatedly emphasizes in every health lecture that all health problems stem from what we eat. Imbalance diet causes cell mutation. If the cells can be supplement with essential and complete nutrients, the health condition of a human body can be gradually improved. This viewpoint, called "Cell determinant theory," has become an important belief for TS users to guard our own and our family's health. In addition, the straightforward discourse of "Health Code 365", simplifies the complex process of maintaining the body's constant temperature of 36.5 degrees Celsius, comparing it to a furnace with Four key elements: Fuel, Ignition, Combustion (oxygen), and Metabolism. This not only makes it easy for most people to understand the key to health but also makes it easier for them to become health ambassadors, sharing health plans with enthusiasm and confidence.

3、Caring corporate philosophy
From its establishment, Total Swiss put forward the business philosophy of "Taken from the Community, Giving back to Society", it implementing the concept with practical actions, actively participating in social welfare, and sponsored the Star Kids Dream Activity.
To this day, Total Swiss has sponsored the Star Kids Foundation, the National Taipei University Karate Team, the Taiwan National University Taekwondo Team, the Minhui Junior High School Taekwondo Team, marathon runner Zhang Jiaxing, and others for many years. Each project not only provides funds and products, but also is full of ubiquitous deep care. The overflowing love deeds continuously transform into a positive energy that drives the enterprise to be more vigorous.

4、Outstanding enterprise leadership
At the beginning of the venture, Prof. Wang guided people's to true health living by sharing Wisdom of Health in continuous health lectures. The health lectures not only have fascinating content but also won endless admiration with Prof. Wang's tireless spirit.
In addition to the health lectures, Prof. Wang’s diligence is also reflected in his willingness to review of blood reports for partners. When there were more and more partners' blood reports, the time spent on checking the reports became later and later, sometimes extending until three or four in the morning without rest.
Currently, there are estimated to be no fewer than hundreds of partners who can help Prof. Wang give health lectures, and more and more people can review blood reports. However, Prof. Wang is still tirelessly busy, answering customer service calls and running around the world's increasingly diverse market.
A smart and talented entrepreneur may not be able to create a successful company, but a wise and hardworking entrepreneur is an important guarantee for a company's thriving development.

5、Inherited business mission
As products moved people, health discourses can lead the times, charitable deeds can radiate energy, and Dr. Wang’s diligence can set as a model; therefore, TS business partners internalize the way of spreading Wisdom of Health as a duty-bound mission based on these adequate conditions. Through learning and inheritance, the sense of mission of TS has groomed them into a mature health ambassador, so as so to continuously spreading and expanding the advantages and spirits of TS.
As more and more partners are willing to take the mission of delivering the way of true health and actively act as health ambassadors, they will surely gather into an invincible force and push TS to become a Centennial Enterprise.

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