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Total Swiss 12 Years of Memorabilia

Prologue: Bright Future Ahead, On the Eve of Establishment

In 2009, due to the unilateral termination of the contract by the original partner company, Total Swiss founder Prof. Wang Wenqin faced challenges as they attempted to cut off all possible ways of survival by stopping bonus payments and supplies. Despite this, Prof. Wang still cared about his partners' livelihoods and urgently shipped emergency goods from Malaysia at a member price. With the suggestions and support of many partners, he decided to establish a unique direct selling company, Total Swiss International.

Starting from August 2009, Prof. Wang flew alone to Europe to arrange for the production and distribution of Total Swiss's own products. He traveled around Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and other places, while business partners like Sister Amy expanded the market in various parts of Taiwan.

Part.1:Unprecedented Breakthrough

2010 Total Swiss 1st Yr
A Breakthrough Legend


Total Swiss was officially established. The first batch of products scheduled to be air shipped to Taiwan was delayed due to a rare European snowstorm, and was not delivered until the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. This episode also heralded that after breaking the cocoon, Total Swiss will create various extraordinary records and legends.


Total Swiss participated in the Taiwan International Silver Hair and Health Care Products Exhibition at the Taipei World Trade Center. This exhibition also established Total Swiss's "experience marketing" blueprint strategy of meeting people at exhibitions, "One cup, One change", to develop and grow and change the world.


Total Swiss sponsored the Star Kids Social Welfare Foundation and held a star-studded baseball night in Tianmu, declaring the social enterprise concept of "Taken from the Community, Giving back to Society." This selfless love, which was immediately invested in public welfare activities upon establishment, established a ten-year relationship with the Star Kids Foundation and became a clear direction for actively assuming social responsibilities in the future.


After diligent cultivation and dissemination, Prof. Wang's health lectures continued to attract more health-conscious individuals. The five major propositions of the health lectures also became the core strengths of Total Swiss's corporate development, helping Total Swiss to rise as a challenger in the direct sales industry and create new achievements every year.


After twelve months of establishment, Total Swiss participated in the tenth Taiwan Model Family Awards Ceremony for the Physically and Mentally Challenged and contributed to care and action for families with disabilities.

2011,Total Swiss 2nd Yr
Asia Nova


Prof. Wang held several health seminars in Singapore and Hong Kong. In just the first month of its second year, Total Swiss had already achieved full house attendance and high demand. This series of success hinted at Total Swiss’ potential as a rising star.


The company held a three-day "Successful Business Seminar" and "Meet the CEO" in Singapore, which was a great success for the training of future leaders.


Prof. Wang's health seminar in Hong Kong talks about the World Health Organization's Five major Malnutrition-related diseases (Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, and Obesity) received enthusiastic responses and became an important topic in health seminars. Later, a sixth disease, Sarcopenia, was added, making it the "six major malnutrition-related diseases."


Total Swiss participated in an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, successfully reaching out to the local society and winning several awards such as the MLM Toper 2011 Outstanding Enterprise Award and the 2011 Outstanding Asian Brand Award.


Total Swiss participated in an exhibition in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, further expanding its market coverage to major cities in southern Malaysia.

After continuous expansion and development, the two-year-old Total Swiss has accumulated ample energy and all the essential criteria to be Asia's new star.

2012,Total Swiss 3rd Yr
Steed Galloping


After two years of development, Total Swiss has cultivated many CEO-level leaders. Prof. Wang invited CEOs from around the world to visit the Hong Kong office and participate in the long-term plan to rise in Hong Kong and connect with China.


The health seminar held at the Island East Hotel in Hong Kong was a great success. Many traditional Chinese medicine doctors were impressed by Prof. Wang's wisdom for staying healthy and joined Total Swiss to spread the message of health.


Total Swiss participated in the Hong Kong Medical and Health Products Fair and continuously became a focus and topic of discussion. The success of the fair also indicated Total Swiss's huge potential for development in Hong Kong.


Following the success of the Medical and Health Products Fair, Total Swiss Hong Kong continued its momentum by participating in the Asia Silver Hair Products Exhibition held in Wan Chai, winning strong resonance among the elderly population.


Total Swiss Hong Kong participated in the "Senior Expo" in Hong Kong, establishing Total Swiss's indispensable role as a guardian of elderly health.


Total Swiss Hong Kong participated in the fourth annual "Airport Exhibition - Autumn Procurement Fair". Its excellent performance in four exhibitions a year has laid a solid foundation for the company's outstanding performance in Hong Kong.

After establishing its foothold in markets such as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, Total Swiss has prepared itself to appear in the direct sales industry as a rising star.


2013,Total Swiss 4th Yr
Jump on the Bandwagon
Show Time


Fit Solution was awarded the Most Popular Health Brand Award by the Hong Kong Medical Association, further polishing the Total Swiss brand with professional recognition from the healthcare industry.


Total Swiss was once again recognized for its corporate brand and product value, winning three major awards: Consumer Satisfaction Gold Award, Asia's No.1 Brand, and Asia's Outstanding Product Award (Fit Solution), presented by the Chinese Consumers' Association.


Total Swiss participated in the Hong Kong Senior Expo for the second time, gaining a deeper understanding of the silver-haired market.


Time Solution launch events were held in Taiwan and Hong Kong, increasing the market competitiveness of Total Swiss' beauty and skincare product line.


The 2013 Total Swiss Global Awards Ceremony was held at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, attended by partners from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, witnessing the success of Total Swiss' diligent efforts over the past three years. With an impressive annual revenue growth rate of 166%, Total Swiss officially leads the direct selling market in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


Total Swiss participated in the Warmth-giving Activity for the Catholic Christmas in Kaohsiung, marking the completion of another successful year. With a revenue of 1.18 billion, Total Swiss has enjoyed four consecutive years of growth.

2014,Total Swiss 5th Yr
Passing Love and Beauty


As 2014 began, Prof. Wang became even busier, showing his tireless spirit every day. Starting with a health lecture in Tainan, he led his partners in creating lectures on perpetual energy for health.


Total Swiss continued to sponsor the Star Children Welfare Foundation in holding a Taiwan-Korea exchange public welfare celebrity baseball game, and was awarded the "Fighting for Public Welfare" trophy by the Tourism Bureau.


The Multilevel Marketing Business Association of the Republic of China was established, and Prof. Wang was honored as a founding council member. With his courage to take on responsibilities, Prof. Wang actively worked to elevate the industry's status.


Total Swiss held a reward tour in Paris, France. Through a cultural journey of food, it enhanced the partners' cultural literacy and successfully left a beautiful memory in their hearts.


Total Swiss participated in the Biotechnology Exhibition at the Nangang Exhibition Hall. The tasting activity established the brand and left the impression in countless tasters' hearts that it was the best-tasting product for cell nutrition in the world.


The first Global City Angel Contest was held in Hong Kong. Dozens of beauties from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and mainland China participated. The winner was Miss Zhou Min-er from Hong Kong.


Time Solution launched new products such as makeup remover and facial cleanser to meet the needs of female consumers who want to reverse their aging. The beauty and skincare product line's combat power doubled.


The 2014 Total Swiss Global Award Ceremony was held at the Gueishan Sports Center in Taoyuan. The conference's creativity, attendance, and the appointments of the CEO and Crown CEO all broke records for the year, demonstrating a top ten fight.


Total Swiss's performance in the Taiwan market was unstoppable. With 3.15 billion yuan in revenue, it entered the top ten direct sales companies in Taiwan, ranking seventh, surprising industry peers.


2015,Total Swiss 6th Yr

Expansion and Development
I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.


Total Swiss Malaysia held a health seminar, EOP, and the opening ceremony of its Kuala Lumpur headquarters, targeting the boundless potential of the Southeast Asian market.


Adhering to the philosophy of taken from the Community, giving back to Society, Total Swiss initiated its athlete sponsorship program, with the first recipient being the Taekwondo team of Jiayi County and Junior High School. From then on, Total Swiss developed a close relationship with sports such as Taekwondo, Karate, and Table Tennis.


The Kinmen branch was opened, making Total Swiss one of the few direct selling companies with a presence on offshore islands. The operation of the Kinmen branch also marked the first market coverage of Total Swiss.


Total Swiss Vietnam was opened, expanding its market share in Southeast Asia.


The miraculous man without limbs, Nick Vujicic, held a speech in Taipei and Hong Kong, and his struggle inspired and deeply moved Total Swiss's partners.


The newly opened Vietnam branch participated in the Vietnam Science and Technology Exhibition and held Prof. Wang's health seminar, actively promoting Total Swiss's mission of spreading a healthy lifestyle to Vietnamese society.


The second Global City Angel Hong Kong Contest was held with great success, and Total Swiss's brand combining health and beauty reached new heights.

At the end of August, the second Global City Angel Taiwan Contest was held, and Global City Angel became the new symbol of beauty for women.


The Japan branch was opened, marking Total Swiss's official expansion into Northeast Asia. During the opening ceremony, Prof. Wang and his partners wore traditional Japanese clothing and sang and danced, fully demonstrating their strong ambition to deeply cultivate the local market.


Following the official operation of the Japan branch for a month, Total Swiss Philippines was officially opened, once again demonstrating Total Swiss's invincible energy to change the world at a flying speed.


On November 9th, Total Swiss Singapore held the Global City Angel Singapore Selection Contest, engaging in a beauty contest.

On November 27th, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Total Swiss global headquarters education and training hall was held at the planned site in Chungli, which can accommodate three thousand people and is expected to serve as a venue for Total Swiss's large-scale training and conferences worldwide.

From November 28th to 29th, the 2015 Total Swiss Global Awards Ceremony, with the theme of "Achieving Dreams and Creating Legends," was held grandly at the Linkou Sports Center. The 2015 Awards Ceremony was also a historic event, including the first Asia-Pacific City Angel Contest, the ten-thousand-person health seminar in five languages, and the challenge and achievement of the global Guinness World Record. After this baptism of the festival, leaders from various markets worldwide became more confident in assuming the significant responsibility of a century-old enterprise.


The Jiayi County government awarded a certificate of appreciation, recognizing Total Swiss's sponsorship of the Taekwondo teams of Minhe Junior High School and Zhuzhi Senior High School, leaving a warm footnote for the most splendid year since Total Swiss's establishment. At the same time, Total Swiss achieved another growth and created a turnover of NT$4.22 billion in the Taiwan market.

PART.3:Miracle in Adversity, Gold Medal Enterprise

2016,Total Swiss 7th Yr
The Black Swan and a Gray Rhino


Total Swiss launched the sponsorship of Karate at the 2018 Asian Games and the 2020 Olympics Gold Medal Project. Under the social enterprise responsibility of Prof. Wang and his care for athletes, the few products that Taipei Municipal University was expecting turned into a sponsorship of 2.12 million yuan in cash and products.


Total Swiss mobilized partners and city angels to participate in the 336 Autism Awareness Day charity event at Taipei City Government Square, and demonstrated the concept of social enterprise with a beautiful team.


Total Swiss Hualien Company opened, ushering in a new era of local service in eastern Taiwan.

On April 20th, Total Swiss signed a contract with Taipei Physical Education College to sponsor the Taekwondo team at the 2018 Asian Games and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with an amount up to 5.25 million yuan.


On May 6th, Prof. Wang flew to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to hold a health lecture, inspecting the development achievements of the Malaysian market and boosting morale in the Malaysian market.

On May 22nd, Total Swiss launched a new product, the Nasa Water Purifier, taking Water Solution to a new technological high. The Nasa Water Purifier introduces the latest space technology from NASA, with a three-stage precision filtration system that is safe, secure, and efficient. With high-tech, high-quality, and a super-large filtration capacity (24,000 liters), it has become the new mainstream in the water purification market.


The historic direct selling movie "At the End of the Map" held its camera launch press conference. After a series of twists and turns, "At the End of the Map" was funded solely by Prof. Wang of Total Swiss and directed by Zhang Zhiyong, a winner of the Asia-Pacific Golden Awards.

On August 14th, Total Swiss Macau Company opened.

On August 23rd, the third Global City Angel Hong Kong Selection Contest was held grandly, with dozens of beauties competing on stage, shining and colorful throughout the process, defining beauty with health and interpreting health with beauty. Prof. Wang also emphasized that every beauty participating in the selection is a winner of the City Angel.


On September 2nd, Total Swiss won multiple awards at the first Asia-Pacific Direct Selling Summit, including the Gold Transmission Award jointly presented by the Fair Trade Commission and the Consumer Protection Commission, which is the first official award for direct selling development in Taiwan in over 30 years.

On September 5th, Total Swiss won the Asia-Pacific Quality Brand Award presented by the Direct Selling Association and the Asia-Pacific Wind and Cloud Brand Direct Selling Enterprise Award.

On September 8th, Total Swiss's legitimate operation was highly recognized by the financial and tax departments, and was awarded the Outstanding Business Award by the Taipei City National Taxation Bureau.

On September 29th, Total Swiss was hit by the 929 Incident amid the fierce conspiracy of the competitor PM Corporation. Under the impact of PM's conspiracy and the assistance of the prosecutor, the 929 storm was a test of Total Swiss's corporate resilience.


On October 12th, Amy, President Yan Jiayang, President Ruan Jinwei, and Director Lin Fudi held a press conference to protest the 929 Incident, rebutting the prosecutor's allegations and defending the company's right to survive and develop.


On November 18th, more than 11,000 Total Swiss partners signed a support petition, which was officially submitted to Prof. Wang, demonstrating the strong cohesion and unyielding corporate nature of Total Swiss in the face of adversity.


Under the enormous pressure of product seizures and asset freezes, Prof. Wang persisted in sponsoring athletes to realize their dream of standing on the international competitive stage and did not want to disappoint or sadden them. On December 24th, Total Swiss signed a sponsorship contract for the second time with the Taipei Municipal University Karate team, increasing the sponsorship amount to over 7 million yuan, including 4.87 million yuan in cash and 2.3 million yuan in products. This action of putting social enterprise principles into practice in adversity demonstrated that Total Swiss is an outstanding enterprise that can rise and grow in prosperity and create miracles in adversity.

Therefore, despite the conspiracy of competitors, the crackdown of prosecutors, and the harm of the media, Total Swiss still demonstrated the momentum of growing against the trend, with annual revenue growing from 4.2 billion yuan to 4.6 billion yuan.

2017,Total Swiss 8th Yr
Miracle in Adversity
In the Face of Adversity


Total Swiss launched a series of sponsorship events for table tennis with the slogan "Be Yourself, Create Excellence". On January 14, the signing ceremony for sponsoring young table tennis player Zhou Bingcheng was held in Taipei.


The Total Swiss awards ceremony series officially kicked off.
On February 19, a whole day of training was held in various aspects such as corporate culture, organizational leadership, and product education at the Global EOP Training, allowing executives and partners to have a clearer understanding of Total Swiss' culture, values, and mission.
On February 20, the awards ceremony was held at the Taipei World Trade Center TICC, demonstrating to the world that Total Swiss is a company that can withstand testing with a packed venue and unstoppable energy. In addition to awarding the CEO and Crown promotion, the ceremony also used the grand scene of thousands of attendees as the shooting location for the end of a movie map, with every partner present playing a role in achieving the film.

In addition, with the enthusiastic support of Prof. Wang's donation and the global CEO's follow-up, the Star Kids Charity Fundraising was fruitful, and Prof. Wang donated nearly a million dollars to the Chairman of the Star Kids Welfare Foundation, Lin Meishu, on stage at the awards ceremony.

On February 22, the 2017 Global Awards Ceremony series drew to a perfect conclusion with product training for Fit Solution, Time Solution, Water Solution, and Air Solution at Prof. Wang's initiative.


Founder Prof. Wang Wenqin was elected as the Vice Chairman of the Multi-Level Marketing Industry Association of the Republic of China through an election.

Total Swiss-sponsored Taipei Municipal University Karate athlete Wen Ziyun won the first place in the 55kg category in the World Karate Team.


On May 14, Total Swiss sponsored "Taiwan's No.1" Zheng Jinyi's concert;
On May 15, Total Swiss continued to sponsor the Taipei Physical Education College Taekwondo team's 2018 Asian Games and 2020 Olympic Games gold medal plan for the second consecutive year, providing over 3 million NT dollars worth of products to enhance the athletes' physical abilities and battle skills in addition to the 5.88 million NT dollars in funding;
On May 21, the Tainan branch was reopened with a grand renovation;
On May 24, Fit Solution was awarded the Hong Kong Quality Mark;
On May 31, the May Mother's Day promotion activities bloomed everywhere, taking a big step closer to the goal of billions.


On June 3, Total Swiss established a women's table tennis team.
On June 18, Total Swiss entered the Chinese market, piloting legally in Hubei Province. The first large-scale health seminar in China was held in Wuhan, winning enthusiastic resonance.
On the evening of June 19, the World Direct Selling Brand Festival Awards Ceremony was held grandly, and Total Swiss, a completely unfamiliar company within China at the beginning, became the company with the most awards and the most popular on stage in the entire ceremony.

Total Swiss won a total of five awards at this ceremony:

Prof. Wang Wenqin, the founder of Total Swiss, received the "Pioneer Entrepreneur Award".
Total Swiss' Global Chief Crown Zhou Liqing received the "Leadership Award".
Total Swiss' product Fit Solution received the "Product Brand Achievement Award".
Total Swiss' Hong Kong General Manager Gloria Huang Jiayin received the "Most Valuable Professional Manager Award".
Total Swiss' Malaysia General Manager Julian Sun Yijun received the "Most Valuable Professional Manager Award".


In early July, the Biotech Japan 2017 and Health & Beauty Products Expo Tokyo Summer exhibitions were held grandly at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight). Total Swiss, as always, was the big winner at the exhibition every day.
At the same time, Total Swiss was awarded the Outstanding Business Award by the Ministry of Finance and the Taipei City National Taxation Bureau, and the glass trophy from the Ministry of Finance and the Taipei City National Taxation Bureau is proof that Total Swiss is undoubtedly a model company that can withstand testing.
On July 10, Prof. Wang released photos of the Swiss expansion, with novel equipment and large production capacity to meet the possible sales volume in the Chinese market.


The August issue of Direct Selling Century reported that Total Swiss had advanced 15 places from the previous year to rank 50th in the world's top 100 in 2016. This is the pride of all Total Swiss partners and a miracle in the Taiwan direct selling industry.
On August 21, the fourth Global City Angel Hong Kong Selection Contest, combining the fantastic atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland, performed perfectly.


On September 6, Total Swiss was awarded the Bronze Sports Promoter Award by the Ministry of Education, and Prof. Wang personally received the award.
On September 15, the MLM film "The End of the Map," supported solely by Prof. Wang, was officially released. Due to the industry's malpractice, the film faced difficulties in promotion. However, director Zhang Zhiyong's delicate approach touched countless film viewers, and everyone who watched it said it was good.
On September 20, the fourth Global City Angel Taiwan Selection Contest was successfully held. After intense competition, the results were officially announced, with Chen Pinzhen, Liu Yucheng, and Lin Tingwen winning the City Angel, Beauty Angel, and Legendary Angel titles, respectively.
On September 29, on the 929th anniversary, Prof. Wang held a 929 memorial with partners and colleagues, not only declaring his determination and perseverance to overcome difficulties but also not letting go of those who harm Total Swiss with despicable means.


From October 21 to 26, eleven players from the Taipei Municipal University Karate team, including Wen Ziyun, Gu Cuiping, Gu Xiaoshuang, and Shao Zhikang, shone in the National Games, winning eleven of the thirteen gold medals in the karate competition.


Total Swiss participated in the Asia Silver Age Smart Life Expo on November 2 and the Health & Beauty Products Expo Tokyo Summer on November 4, drawing a crowd of visitors with 25,000 cups of completely nutritious drinks.
On November 4, the Total Swiss women's table tennis team participated in the Qingshui Ziyunyan "Guanyin Cup" National Table Tennis Championship, defeating last year's champion team and winning the championship. A week later, on November 11, the Total Swiss women's table tennis team won the Chang Qing Cup championship trophy.
On November 15, Total Swiss participated in the Hong Kong-Asia Pacific Beauty Expo, radiating to 18 countries and allowing the world to experience the power of cell nutrition, looking forward to the arrival of Fit Solution.
On November 22, Total Swiss Korea held a grand opening ceremony at the Seoul Olympic Park. Thousands of partners from all over Korea and more than 500 overseas congratulation group members from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries witnessed the miracles and future vision created by Total Swiss Korea before its opening.
On November 23, Prof. Wang personally announced that Total Swiss had been awarded a license in Brunei.


On December 17, 18, 23, and 26, Prof. Wang successively held four health seminars at the Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi, and Taipei branches, sharing the Wisdom of Health and enlightening everyone.
On December 22, Total Swiss and the Taipei City Karate team held a grand "2017 Sponsorship Achievement Exhibition" and "2018 Sponsorship Asian Games and Olympic Games Gold Medal Plan New Contract Signing Ceremony." With a budget of over 3.3 million NT dollars and more than 2 million NT dollars worth of products, Total Swiss continued to take action to support karate athletes in realizing their dreams of winning gold at the 2018 Asian Games and 2020 Olympics.

In 2017, Total Swiss continued to achieve growth for the eighth consecutive year, and the performance in the Taiwan market grew to 4.78 billion NT dollars. It ranked 47th in the world's top 100.

2018,Total Swiss 9th Yr
Golden Enterprise


On January 19th, Total Swiss opened its Osaka branch, which is the city in Japan that Prof. Wang believes is the most business-savvy. Prof. Wang hopes that the Osaka team can use their beautiful office to attract more business-minded people and create outstanding performance, making Osaka a key player in the Japanese market.


On February 1st, Total Swiss Jeonju branch in South Korea officially opened, injecting new energy into Total Swiss's growing Korean market.
From February 21st to 23rd, Total Swiss participated in the 4th Care and Nursing Exhibition held in Osaka, which was well-received by visitors.
On February 24th, Prof. Wang held the second health lecture in the Osaka branch, which was attended by a 91-year-old fashion grandmother who took a taxi to attend. Prof. Wang also encouraged the Osaka team to become another key pillar for Total Swiss to rank among the top ten direct selling companies in Japan.。


On March 18th, Total Swiss participated in the "Charity and Vitality Liverwalk 2018" fundraising event in Hong Kong as an outstanding social enterprise. They became the focus of Hong Kong media with a huge team.
From March 23rd to 25th, Total Swiss women's and men's table tennis teams shone in the International Free Cup Changqing Table Tennis Championships.


On April 2nd, Total Swiss (Yamaji International) held an opening ceremony for its Banqiao branch, officially entering a new era of active service and deep community cultivation.


On May 24th, Total Swiss Korea announced that General Manager Song Guozhu was awarded the "Korean Person of the Year Award for Promoting South Korea in 2018 (26th)" award.
On May 31st, the Mother's Day six special promotions entered the final climax, and the global sales performance was compared. This special event also contributed to Total Swiss's continuous growth for the ninth year and made a significant contribution to Taiwan's over 5 billion NT dollars in sales. In addition, Total Swiss was awarded two awards on the same day in Hong Kong, "Star Health Drink Brand Award" and "Bank of China Hong Kong Environmental Protection Excellent Enterprise Award".


The 2018 Global Appointments Ceremony Series officially began on June 16th.
On June 16th, partners from Vietnam, Singapore, and Vietnam visited the Taichung branch.
On June 18th and 20th, Total Swiss published full-page advertisements in the Apple Daily and Liberty Times, disclosing the truth about Total Swiss's legal victory and being blacklisted by the prosecutor's office.
On June 20th, the Total Swiss 2018 Appointments Ceremony was held, which lasted until evening. After over 100 one-star, two-star, and crown CEOs were awarded, a photo session was held for over an hour before the event officially ended.
The theme of the annual meeting was "One Cup, One Change in the World". Prof. Wang outlined a clear blueprint for partners to change the world with one cup, one person, one family, one community, and one country, making partners more confident and enthusiastic about Total Swiss's long-term vision.
On June 30th, Total Swiss sponsored the world champion in freestyle roller skating, Chen Yifan, to continue his wonderful story.


From July 4th to 6th, Total Swiss participated in the 5th Tokyo Health and Beauty Goods Expo and became the brightest star among a thousand exhibitors. "One Cup for Health and Beauty" became the most popular phrase.
On July 5th, Total Swiss's second community-based location officially launched in Taiping Road, Caotun Town. The official operation of the Caotun branch is also an important watershed for bridging the urban-rural gap.
On July 21st, Prof. Wang was awarded the title of Academician of the Asian Knowledge Management Institute, and Total Swiss Hong Kong Genral Manager Gloria Wong was awarded the "Nobel Laureate - Outstanding Brand Award".
n July 22nd and 23rd, Amy and Prof. Wang held a health lecture relay in Australia, and Total Swiss conquered the southern hemisphere with its charm.
On July 26th, Total Swiss's seventh operating location in Malaysia, the Sibu branch, was officially launched.


On August 15th, Prof. Wang flew to COEX (Seoul International Conference and Exhibition Center), South Korea, to care about Total Swiss's exhibition activities.
On August 20th, the 5th Global City Angel Hong Kong Selection Contest was held, with the theme of "Peacock Opening". Seventy-four beauties and seventeen hosts created countless beautiful records in the seven-hour contest.
On August 23rd, Total Swiss sponsored Asian Games taekwondo athlete He Jiaxin, who won a bronze medal on August 22nd.
On August 25th, Total Swiss sponsored Taipei City University karate athlete Wang Yida, who won a silver medal in the "form" competition at the Asian Games.
On August 26th, Total Swiss sponsored karate female athlete Wen Ziyun, who won a gold medal in the Asian Games. On the same day, Prof. Wang held a health lecture in Total Swiss Kuala Lumpur's head office, which was attended by about 500 Total Swiss leaders, partners, and new friends.
On August 27th, Total Swiss sponsored Taipei City University karate athlete Gu Xiaoshuang to win another gold medal, while Xu Weijun and Wu Junwei took turns winning bronze medals.


On the afternoon of September 7th, the Ministry of Education held the 10th Sports Push Award for 2018 at the Duan Nan Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei. Total Swiss won the Gold Sponsorship Award, and Prof. Wang personally attended the award ceremony and received the trophy for the sponsorship award from Premier Lai Ching-te.。
On September 13th, Total Swiss's fourth community-based location, Douliu Operations Center, officially opened. Partners in Yunlin ignited the event with their unique grassroots enthusiasm and quickly sold out all the stock in less than two hours.
On September 15th, the Total Swiss Malaysia Johor Bahru branch relocation ceremony was held at the LANDMARK Medical Building in Johor Bahru. Prof. Wang passionately declared to the Malaysian people, "Total Swiss is here in Malaysia."


On October 6th, Total Swiss Korea celebrated its second anniversary, and General Manager Song Guozhu led 33 executive cadres of Total Swiss Korea to make a commitment to success.
On October 13th, the 5th Global City Angel Taiwan Selection Contest was held at the Haoting Hotel on Zhongxing Road, Xindian City. 74 beauties and 17 hosts created countless beautiful records in the seven-hour contest.


On November 14th, the Pingtung Donggang Operations Center, which perfects the map of southern Taiwan, began trial operations.
On November 25th, all the previous Global City Angels gathered together to endorse the steadfast hundred-year enterprise.


On December 10th, Prof. Wang was awarded the "Human Rights Award for Services to Human Rights" at the 2018 Human Rights Night held by the Chinese Human Rights Association at the Taipei Hero House.
On December 15th, after Tokyo and Osaka, Prof. Wang targeted Nagoya and established the third operating location in Japan, the Nagoya branch, located near the train station. On the afternoon of December 15th, the Total Swiss Nagoya branch held its opening ceremony, hosted by Prof. Wang.
On December 29th, Total Swiss sponsored the signing ceremony for the Taipei City University karate team for the fourth time, held at the Taipei office, to support the athletes' journey to the Tokyo Olympics and strive for good results.
On December 31st, the Banqiao branch held the "Year-end Thanksgiving Testimony Sharing Dinner", attended by over 600 partners and 50 CEOs.
Total Swiss continued to grow for the ninth consecutive year, with Taiwan's annual sales exceeding 5 billion NT dollars, Hong Kong's sales reaching 2.7 billion NT dollars, and Korea's monthly sales soaring to over 8 million US dollars.

Thanks to these impressive numbers, Total Swiss stands at the fourth place in the top ten rankings in Taiwan, and has made a tremendous leap in the global top 100 rankings, surpassing 30 leaders annually and ranking 29th.

PART.4:Perpetual Growth, Century-Old Enterprise

2019,Total Swiss 10th Yr
Brilliant and Dazzling
Perpetually Growing

January 2019

On January 12, the first TS Cup National Senior Table Tennis Championship caused a sensation.
On January 19, Total Swiss announced the start of its tenth year with eight major offerings of abundance after nine consecutive years of growth.


On February 11, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, Prof. Wang's Tokyo lecture: "Have You Eaten Enough Nutrition?" was held.
On February 23, the first climax of the tenth year, Prof. Wang presided over the Hong Kong expansion ceremony and AMAC unveiling ceremony.


On March 2, AMAC was listed, and Total Swiss entered a new era of "licensed employment and upright posture" in China's health industry.
On March 16, Total Swiss headquarters in Kuala Lumpur relocated to Top Glove Building.
On March 29, the direct selling think tank was launched, marking a new milestone in changing the fate of direct selling.


On April 11, the Total Swiss Roman Holiday: Passionate Venice, taking a gondola through waterways and strolling through St. Mark's Square.
On April 12, the Total Swiss Roman Holiday: Only by visiting Rome can one understand how a century-old enterprise is established.

May 2019

On May 20, the first-ranked product and complete exposition of global unlimited business opportunities were seen in May.
On May 25, Total Swiss competed in Southeast Asia with the opening of its new headquarters in Singapore.


On July 11, visiting the Uffizi and Michelangelo Square, completely understanding the true essence of the Renaissance from the inside out.
On July 22, Prof. Wang worked hard to create a vigorous new atmosphere for the Japanese market.


From August 16 to 18, at the Seoul COEX exhibition, Total Swiss attracted crowds and unstoppable momentum.


On September 24, the concluding chapter of the Total Swiss Roman Holiday, experiencing 500,000 steps, harvest, and return journey.
On September 25, visiting Florence, emulating the magnificent spirit of the great era, and playing a role in promoting a century-old enterprise.


On October 21, the 6th Global Urban Angel Selection Competition for New Malaysia and India in 2019, everywhere stunning and witnessing magic.


On November 20, the 6th Global Urban Angel Taiwan Selection Competition fax for 2019.


On December 7, at the 13th Asia Pacific Cup Senior Table Tennis Championship, Total Swiss won four championships and seven medals.
On December 12, the Total Swiss tenth anniversary annual meeting and the 2019 global award ceremony.
On December 29, Total Swiss sponsored sports with outstanding results and increased support for table tennis and karate athletes in 2020 with a total of 12 million.

February 2020

On February 1, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, wearing a mask to enhance disease resistance, stabilize oneself, and protect family members.

On February 6, "April Rain Taiwan Story," a TV historical drama funded by Prof. Wang Wenqin of Total Swiss, aired at 8 pm on Taiwan Television channel.

July 2020

On July 13, Prof. Wang and his team went to Kaohsiung, leading the action of serving society to become a powerful force.

On July 14, there are more and more community bases, and public welfare models are becoming more mature. The 386 public welfare action has become a trend.

On July 26, Prof. Wang talked about health online, and 190,000 people watched it live on WeChat, shocking everyone.

August 2020

On August 13, the Total Swiss table tennis experience exchange event moved to Chiayi, and Prof. Wang returned to his hometown with love to meet old friends.

On August 14, the Total Swiss table tennis parent-child experience camp and exchange competition were held at the Emperor Pavilion Stadium in Chiayi.

On August 28, Total Swiss sponsored the Southern England women's basketball team with 2.26 million, using nutrition to improve physical fitness and help children achieve their dreams.

September 2020

On September 11, Total Swiss community public welfare is done well, and Prof. Wang found small pleasures for the elderly in Kaohsiung.

On October 16, Total Swiss community bases' caring actions are changing society.

Novenber 2020

On January 12, WP, a direct selling entrepreneur who regards West Point as a spiritual leader, hopes that today's good students will become tomorrow's great warriors.

December 2020

On December 14, Hua Nan Bank hosted the National Table Tennis Championship, where 1,300 excellent players competed, and Total Swiss sponsored the team, winning the first, second, and third places.

January 2021

On January 5, we will make a huge contribution to humanity. Prof. Wang's New Year speech for 2021.

On January 16, Total Swiss sponsored the 2021 Table Tennis and Karate Ceremony.

On January 23, the third Total Swiss Cup National Senior Table Tennis Championship moved to Chiayi.

February 2021

On February 20, orders were placed with the heavens, and the relocation ceremony of the Changhua Company was recorded.

March 2021

On March 4 and 6, Total Swiss held health lectures at the Taichung and Taoyuan companies. After the epidemic, what preparations have you made to help people's health and success??

April 2021

On April 12, the International Freedom Cup Senior Table Tennis Championship was held, and the Total Swiss table tennis team's invincible product power won two gold and two silver medals.

May 2021

On May 12, the first-ranked Total Swiss product is invincible, and where Total Swiss sponsors, the champions follow. The old, middle-aged, and young generations of skilled players are constantly winning.

June - July 2021

From June 29 to July 8, Dr. Wang gave a series of lectures on the Five core health discourses of Total Swiss, reviewing them comprehensively with standardized methods to win the global market.

August 2021

On August 13, the first "Ordering Essential Oils for the Frontline" donated essential oil kits for epidemic prevention to Kaohsiung Medical Center.

September 2021

On September 7, Total Swiss used essential oils to support medical staff in Taichung and donated to four hospitals.

On September 9, Prof. Wang led the team to support the anti-epidemic heroes in southern Taiwan with the first-ranked N95 mask and the best essential oils in history.

October 2021

On October 13, Total Swiss attracted attention again at the 2021 Tokyo Medical and Nursing Comprehensive Exhibition, leading the exhibition trend.

November 2021

On November 11, eight horses donated again to increase four more areas and six units, aiming to make society safer by protecting the frontline and cutting off the transmission chain.

On November 15, the forty-fifth donation went to Xihu, protecting the police and cutting off the transmission chain.

On November 25, Total Swiss won two honors in five days, and the Vice President and Mayor of Taipei took turns to present awards, and Total Swiss continued to cultivate honor with love.

December 2021

On December 8, Total Swiss is entering a new era, and the Taoyuan company's relocation ceremony is recorded.

On December 30, the signal has appeared, and the horn is about to sound. Prof. Wang leads Total Swiss to welcome 2022.

January 2022

On January 8, the first million-dollar lottery was exciting, opening the exciting prelude to Total Swiss's big outbreak in 2022.

On January 10, the hero of the young, Guo Guan-Hong, rewrote the history of table tennis with the support of Eight Horses International.

On January 15, the 4th Total Swiss Cup National Senior Table Tennis Championship kicked off, stirring people's hearts.

On January 22, the 2022 Total Swiss sponsorship ceremony for outstanding athletes in various schools nationwide stirred up people's emotions.

February 2022

On February 12, Total Swiss held its second million-dollar lottery, and the biggest prize went to South Korea.

March 2022

On March 5, Total Swiss held its third million-dollar lottery. Taiwan partners had good luck, and Singapore partners won one million dollars.

On March 21, Total Swiss product power supported the good physical fitness of the soldiers. The Shih Hsin women's basketball team won three consecutive championships.

April 2022

On April 8, the fourth million-dollar lottery was held, and the prize went to Taiwan, and partners were surprised to win one million dollars.

On April 22, Total Swiss's brilliant promotion of the CEO training course was a great success, and a hundred directors in Taiwan were full of energy and determined to become CEOs.

May 2022

On May 7, the fifth million-dollar lottery was held. The prize went to Vietnam, and Prof. Wang's health lecture told how to protect and nourish the liver.

June 2022

On June 6, Total Swiss made the cover of Direct Selling Century Report, ranking 16th on the Global Top 100 Direct Selling Companies chart.

On June 11, the sixth million-dollar lottery was held, and the prize went to Hong Kong. Total Swiss's good news spread, and it ushered in a new opportunity for another leap forward.

July 2022

On July 9, Total Swiss 7th Million Lottery was won in Australia, marking a new era in medicine, and maintaining the top spot.

On July 22, Professor Li Wenhui and Prof. Wang had an exciting dialogue at the 3rd Elderly Health Education Conference, creating a buzz online.

August 2022

On August 2, Determined to only produce the best products, Prof. Wang teamed up with DeYingGuo and entered the international pharmaceutical market.

On August 13, The 8th Million Lottery was a huge success, breaking records. Prof. Wang launched the "Transformation Action".

On August 23, The High Court of Taichung Branch 111-08-23 ruled that Total Swiss International and Prof. Wang Wenqin were not guilty.

September 2022

On September 1, DeYing Bio and Total Swiss International joined forces to compete for the best product in the world.

On September 13, Total Swiss emerged from the shadow of the 823 event and partnered with LiBaoGan to face a new era.

On September 13, Gold, silver, on-site, and 823 special awards, totaling 2.81 million in prize money, were given out in the Total Swiss 9th Million Lottery.

On September 20, Prof. Wang gave a health lecture and shared the value of LiBaoGan "world-class adjuvant" on-site.

October 2022

On October 12, Prof. Wang went to Tokyo to attend the 2nd Infection Countermeasures Exhibition. The Total Swiss booth was once again the focus.

On October 15, Prof. Wang's health lecture in Nagoya emphasized that Total Swiss products are essential for the human body, and eating the right nutrients can reduce the need for medical attention.

On October 22, The 10th Million Lottery of Total Swiss was held, and the Malaysian partner won 1 million. The gold, silver, and on-site awards totaled 2.75 million.

November 2022

On November 9, Total Swiss won the Public Welfare Enterprise Golden Award for incorporating the spirit of philanthropy into its corporate DNA and turning its philosophy into a corporate habit.

On November 10, Total Swiss won two awards, the "Gold Award" and "Long-Term Sponsorship Award," at the Push Hand Awards. Vice President Lai personally praised Prof. Wang for the third time.

On November 19, Hong Kong won 1 million for the second time in the 11th Million Lottery of Total Swiss.

December 2022

On December 4, Total Swiss sponsored the Taichung Mayor's Cup Frisbee Championship, and Fuchun Elementary School won 48 medals.

On December 17, The Million Lottery celebrated its first anniversary, with gold and silver awards given out for the 12th time. Prof. Wang reviewed the path of the past 12 years and outlined the future of 2023.

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