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Total Swiss Vision

The vision of an Enterprise with legendary footsteps

Total Swiss has been founded for 13 years, every step is legend, every mile is history. Under the diligent leadership of founder Prof. Wang Wenqin, every business partner is a health ambassador, and every user is a person who meets the gospel of health.

With the mission of “Promoting the health of human population and Delivering the gospel of health”, Total Swiss takes the concept of “Taken from the Community, Giving back to Society”, and continues to make great strides towards the centennial enterprise goal with firm belief and incomparable enthusiasm, thrives in the storm into an outstanding enterprise full of incessant energy.

From Taiwan to the World

Based in Taiwan and an eye on the world, Total Swiss has business bases in more than 50 cities in more than ten countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei and Macau. No matter which market it is in, Total Swiss has always been able to become a mainstream enterprise.

The four major product series of Fit Solution, Time Solution, Air Solution and Water Solution have also become the health capital and life companions of all users.


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