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Dr. Wang explained the Taipei Harbor's global base and invited everyone to welcome the transformed Total Swiss global enterprise with a joyful attitud

12 / 30 / 2023

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After the completion of the first day of the Total Swiss 2023 Crown President Training Course on November 20th, at 7:00 PM in the evening, Dr. Wang specially hosted a banquet for all the participating presidents and crown presidents at the Asia Pacific Hotel's banquet hall (the venue was transformed after classes). In addition to fine wines and dishes, Dr. Wang arranged for karaoke, allowing everyone to sing and dance to their heart's content, reaching the highest point of enjoyment. Before the dinner began, Dr. Wang delivered a brief yet inspiring speech to the audience.

Here is a summary of Dr. Wang's speech:

Originally, we had a class scheduled for tonight, but it's a shame to be in such a great place and only attend classes. We should enjoy a good meal and sing some songs; that's the best way to make use of this wonderful location.

I'm very happy today that leaders from Taiwan and Korea can gather here because we are a family! We implement the same product system globally and share the same culture. To do big things, we need to be consistent. If we bring the whole world together, we can achieve something enormous.

In this industry, either you don't do it, or you do it on a grand scale. To do it on a grand scale, you need to have the right mindset and be prepared. You will face change, transformation, and exposure to different cultures, but that's how you can interact with people from different cultures. Many Taiwanese colleagues inquired about expanding to other countries and opening companies there. I told them that as long as you don't set limits, you can go anywhere. So, we started from Taiwan and Singapore, and then expanded to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and New Zealand. We also have a presence in Japan, South Korea, Mainland China, the United States, and even smaller places like Macau and Brunei.

Our expansion strategy is different from that of the United States. Americans might ask you to test the waters first, to start doing things and then open a company later. Our approach is to set up offices even before anyone else does, to bring in people, and establish a presence in every location. This way, we can take root everywhere. So, now many places require us to develop, cultivate, and expand further.

I expect that Korea will surely become big, and Taiwanese partners should also advance quickly. While I was in Korea, Koreans said they want to surpass others. When I went to Vietnam, the Vietnamese said they won't lose. Taiwanese partners, you can't afford to wait around in Taiwan anymore.

Although Korea and Vietnam have strict regulations regarding direct selling, as they consider it a form of employment that requires an employment permit, you should not limit yourselves because of these rules. I'll help you find a way. No other direct selling company in the world can do what we can. Only we can do this because we don't have a board of directors or interference from other shareholders. As long as I and God agree, we can make it happen. This is our company's biggest advantage.

Our Fit Solution factory is still in Switzerland, and the skincare product factory is in Singapore. Originally, our plan was to buy land in Zhongli and build a warehouse there, but there has been a change. This change will transform us into a completely different company.

I have already sold the land in Zhongli and made a profit of billions, but I've reinvested all that money into a location within Taipei Harbor. We've acquired 15,000 ping (about 49,500 square meters) of land. We will build a warehouse that is several times larger than what we have now. Additionally, we'll construct a PIC/S GMP factory for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Because it's within Taiwan but outside the customs zone, we can temporarily store goods outside the customs zone without paying taxes. We only have to pay taxes when we bring the goods into the customs zone. This way, the Total Swiss Taipei Harbor base can become a top-tier transshipment center in Asia.

In the future, you will easily be able to visit Total Swiss's local factory, located within the Taipei Harbor, by simply taking a short trip.

For partners living in Taiwan, you'll be able to enjoy legal tax-free benefits for some of the products you consume, as you pay a 30% tax when Fit Solution products arrive in Taiwan from Switzerland. Now, with the warehouse outside the customs zone, you can legally receive partial tax exemptions and have goods shipped directly to your home.

You are very fortunate because Total Swiss is now going to become a very big company. Soon, you'll be able to see the factory and warehouse where the salmon from Switzerland returns to its hometown, right here in Taipei Harbor. It's within Taiwan, but it's also considered the place of Total Swiss people worldwide.

This is a significant transformation, and I've been preparing for it for a long time. I sold the land in Zhongli, making billions in profit, but I reinvested all that money into Taipei Harbor, where we have a much larger piece of land. It will soon become the global base for Total Swiss. You should welcome the transformed Total Swiss global enterprise with a joyful heart because you're lucky to be a part of it.


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Dr. Wang explained the Taipei Harbor's global base and invited everyone to welcome the transformed Total Swiss global enterprise with a joyful attitud

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