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Total Swiss sponsors the Taipei City University Karate Team with 7.26 million NTD for the ninth time, continuing the tradition of excellence and nurt

12 / 30 / 2023

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On the afternoon of December 26, 2023, the signing ceremony for Total Swiss sponsorship of the Taipei City University Karate Team took place at the Tianmu Campus of Taipei City University. The signing ceremony was attended by representatives from both sides, including Taipei City University Vice President Wang Hongzong and Total Swiss founder Dr. Wang Wenqin. Also present were Dean Tseng Kuowei of the College of Physical Education, Professor Lin Xibo, Professor Xie Fuxiu, former Vice President Huang Wencheng (who had represented the university in previous signings with Total Swiss), former Taipei City Sports Bureau Director Cheng Fangfan, all the members of the Karate Team, and 15 members of the media.

This marks the ninth consecutive year that Total Swiss has sponsored the Taipei City University Karate Team. Unlike the previous eight sponsorship events where students and faculty from the university visited Total Swiss's Taipei office, this time, Dr. Wang led a team to the university, with the school playing host and Dr. Wang and his entourage as guests. This subtle change in roles seemed to emphasize Dr. Wang's compassion and the value of the company's philosophy being needed.

Before the ceremony, Dean Tseng Kuowei of Taipei City University's College of Physical Education presented Dr. Wang with a signed photo of Olympic badminton gold medalists Li Yang and Wang Qilin, expressing the college's gratitude for Dr. Wang's long-term support. Then, Dean Tseng led Dr. Wang on a tour of the "Health Promotion Research Lab" and the "Motion Analysis Research Lab," both equipped with scientific analysis tools that play a crucial role in improving students' physical fitness, combat skills, and movements. Dr. Wang was shown various state-of-the-art equipment, including a piece of furniture that was jokingly said to be worth as much as a Bentley car, and other devices like a hyperbaric chamber and a cryotherapy chamber used for quick recovery after training, all of which provide scientific support to the karate athletes.

Total Swiss's sponsorship includes covering living expenses for disadvantaged students, scholarships for outstanding students, expenses for overseas competitions, and a substantial supply of nutritional supplements. These contributions have been instrumental in helping the Karate Team achieve excellent results in both domestic and international competitions.

At 3:00 PM, the signing ceremony took place in the conference hall on the third floor of the College of Physical Education. Vice President Wang Hongzong of Taipei City University expressed his gratitude and highlighted the significant impact of Total Swiss's sponsorship, emphasizing that over the past eight years, the annual average sponsorship amount provided by Eight-Horses was approximately over 7 million NTD, covering various aspects such as living expenses for disadvantaged students, scholarships for outstanding students, and expenses for overseas competitions, along with a substantial supply of cellular nutrition products.

Dr. Wang Wenqin, in his speech, stressed that as a businessperson, sponsoring in areas where the government's support is insufficient is an essential duty. He explained that different companies may have different views on sponsorship, but Total Swiss's choices are based on the philosophy of taking from society and giving back to society. Dr. Wang said, "Money is finite, so we sponsor where it matters most." He also specifically commended Taipei City University for its performance, noting that the success of sponsorship depends on the attitude of the school and its representatives. Over the years, Professor Xie Fuxiu has maintained a close connection with Total Swiss, and the cooperation between the university and Total Swiss has been excellent. This collaboration has consistently yielded impressive results for the Taipei City University Karate Team.

In this fiscal year, Total Swiss's sponsorship of the Taipei City University Karate Team amounts to 7.26 million NTD. This includes living expenses for students, expenses for overseas competitions, and a substantial supply of nutritional products, which together have been a key force behind the Karate Team's impressive performances.

With the passage of time, new talents emerge, and a new generation of martial arts champions is nurtured. Graduates like Wang Yida, Gu Cuiping, and Gu Xiaoshuang have already graduated from Taipei City University's Karate Team. However, with the university's improved facilities, dedicated teaching staff, and continued strong support from Total Swiss, the next generation of outstanding athletes is already starting to make their mark. Therefore, Professor Xie expressed confidence that there are several promising young athletes ready to shine on various international stages.


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