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Dr. Wang, who had returned late at night in haste, attended the new recruit training in Taiwan. He encouraged the future stars to seize the best oppo

12 / 30 / 2023

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On December 21st, amid the low temperatures brought by the first wave of cold air in 2023, Total Swiss held the "Rising Stars Training Course" on the 7th floor of its Taipei office. Nearly a hundred participants came from various places, including some from Taitung, others from the mountainous regions of Nantou, and even individuals who traveled all the way from the hot climate of Malaysia to attend the training. In addition to the participants, dozens of Crown Presidents, Presidents, and upline sponsors joined the training.

Learning with a Sponge Attitude in the Cold Wave

Furthermore, regional managers stationed in different areas also returned to the Taipei location to assist with the course, showing their full support for Dr. Wang's plan to strengthen Total Swiss's team training capabilities.

Although the participants came with a willingness to learn despite the cold weather, there were still some initial unfamiliarity among them. Therefore, the opening warm-up by the host was particularly important.

Hosted by Melody, the opening engaged the participants from the very beginning, helping them feel at ease and quickly connect with each other. The cold was soon forgotten, and everyone became like sponges, ready to absorb knowledge and lay a solid foundation for a day of learning.

Following that, Dr. Wang, who had returned from Korea just the previous night to attend the course, delivered a special opening speech highlighting six compelling reasons why everyone should be involved in network marketing.

Here is a summary of Dr. Wang's speech:

"Last night, I was in Korea, where the temperature was minus 14 degrees Celsius, and it was snowing heavily. Today, in Taiwan, it's around 11 to 12 degrees Celsius, with a temperature difference of over twenty degrees. So, as soon as I got back to Taiwan, I couldn't wait to take off my coat.

Have you ever wondered where the Earth's temperature comes from? It comes from the sun because the sun emits a lot of radiation. When we are closer to the sun, temperatures are higher, and when we are farther from the sun, temperatures are lower. Earth is round, so while it's cold here, it's hot in the Southern Hemisphere, in places like Australia and New Zealand.

Although I lived in Europe for a long time in the past, I've been in Taiwan for several years now. This time, when I experienced minus 14 degrees Celsius and heavy snow in Korea, it really felt cold.

You see, if you want warmth, you need to get closer to the heat source. When you come to the company, there's the venue, the upline, the leaders, resources, and an atmosphere. You'll experience a warm and welcoming environment. If you stay away from the company for a long time, away from the heat source, you'll quickly cool down.

Some people may not like durian, but those who do can't resist it. Most Westerners can't understand why stinky tofu is edible, but those who like it will find stinky tofu wherever they go and enjoy it.

Things aren't inherently good or bad, but if you understand them, you'll like and appreciate them.

You Must Engage in Network Marketing for Six Reasons

Today, I've invited you to this training, not necessarily because you have to run Total Swiss as your business, but I want to tell you that you must be involved in network marketing.

Why must you engage in network marketing? I've summarized six compelling reasons:

  1. Network marketing is a business that can help you achieve your dreams. Usually, achieving dreams requires a high price, and even with sacrifices, there's no guarantee of success. Only in network marketing can a person learn seriously, manage it well, and be sure to achieve their dreams.

  2. Network marketing can help many people make a comeback after facing failures. People who have experienced failure often make others fearful, even their relatives and friends. How can they make a comeback if everyone is afraid of them? However, network marketing is a field where people who have failed can turn their lives around.

  3. Network marketing allows you to leverage the efforts of others and succeed through mutual assistance. In network marketing, success is built on teamwork. You don't have to go it alone. You'll discover that many people are helping you grow and solving your problems, making your journey easier.

  4. Network marketing allows you to simultaneously build a brand and a distribution network. In other fields, it's often challenging to manage both a brand and a distribution network simultaneously. Only in network marketing can you successfully operate and grow both aspects at the same time.

  5. Network marketing is the easiest industry to achieve exponential growth. When 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8, you might not feel the power of exponential growth. But when you go from 1,000 people to 2,000 people, or 2,000 to 4,000, you will experience the tremendous power of exponential growth. When it's large enough, you can earn a reasonable amount of money from each person, and these small earnings accumulate into substantial income. Earning a little from each person is both reasonable and stable. If you want to make quick money by earning a lot from each person, that approach resembles a money game, where you may make more but also lose more.

  6. Network marketing is a business that can go from individual to chain. In the past, network marketing was all about creating a human chain. Now, with Total Swiss's approach of "From Network to Store," you can leverage physical stores like pharmacies to connect with many new customers quickly and expand your business.

Seize the Precious Opportunity to Transform with Total Swiss

Jack Ma once said that if you don't do network marketing today, you'll be "network marketed" tomorrow. Today, if you don't develop others, tomorrow, someone else will develop you.

Total Swiss has been around for 14 years now. From a personal growth perspective, this is a crucial time for transitioning into adulthood. I hope you'll learn diligently and seize this precious opportunity. Lastly, I wish you all success in network marketing, as you embark on this journey."

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