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Total Swiss sponsors the table tennis team of National Taiwan Sport University, the first-ranked product joining hands with the cradle of Olympic meda

1 / 9 / 2024

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On the morning of January 4, 2024, at 10 a.m., the sponsorship signing ceremony between Total Swiss International and the National Taiwan Sport University was held in the Sports and Library Museum Exhibition Area of National Taiwan Sport University.

This marks the fourth consecutive year that Total Swiss has sponsored the National Taiwan Sport University's table tennis team. Unlike the previous three sponsorships where Total Swiss played the host and the university was the guest, this time the roles were reversed with the university as the host.

The meticulous arrangements by National Taiwan Sport University demonstrated their commitment to playing the role of the host well and to show Dr. Wang and Total Swiss their dedication to education and student development.

In addition to President Qiu Bingkun, the ceremony was attended by important university officials including Vice Presidents Huang Dongzhi and Chen Guoyi, Museum Director Mou Zongfu, Director of Sports Gong Rongtang, Head of the Ball Sports Department Chen Zhirong, and Professor Du Meihua, evidencing the collaboration of Total Swiss and the university in nurturing table tennis players to bring glory to the nation. Also present were Zhao Chongguang, Chairman of the Taiwan Table Tennis Association, and Guo Lihua, Chair of the Taoyuan Table Tennis Committee.

National Taiwan Sport University is the first institution in Taiwan to win an Olympic gold medal. Starting with Chen Shih-hsin and Chu Mu-yen's gold medals in Athens in 2004, the university has since won several gold, silver, and bronze medals in weightlifting, shooting, and other Olympic events, making it a cradle of Olympic medalists in Taiwan's sports community.

Before the official signing, President Qiu delivered a speech on behalf of the university, expressing gratitude to Dr. Wang for his long-term commitment to grassroots and school sports by sponsoring the university's table tennis team, helping the players shine in the future.

President Qiu said, "Chairman Wang has been sponsoring our school for several years. He not only provides funds and products but also takes the time to review the athletes' blood test reports. This shows his deep concern for the athletes' performance, which I greatly admire. On behalf of the students who have received care, I express our thanks to Chairman Wang."

Dr. Wang then spoke: "Supporting and sponsoring athletes is my responsibility. The national budget is limited, and there are many areas the country cannot cover. Where the national power does not reach, it is the duty of enterprises to contribute. I have a personal liking for table tennis, so my sponsorship in this sport is particularly meticulous, covering schools from elementary to university, and even individual talented players are supported through personal sponsorship. Besides table tennis, we also focus on sponsoring less-attended fields like karate, inline skating, and frisbee. The National Sports University is a cradle of future stars, and I have high expectations for the university's table tennis team. You must work hard. Considering our relationship with the university, I hope in the future to allocate a portion of our sponsorship resources to primary and secondary schools in the Taoyuan area."

The signing ceremony was conducted by Dr. Wang and President Qiu, with Zhao, Chairman of the Chinese Taipei Table Tennis Association, as a witness.

To help the table tennis players have a more balanced and complete nutrition, Total Swiss sponsored nutritional products worth over 2.7 million NT dollars and a scholarship of 700,000 NT dollars, aiding the players not only in their skills but also in physical strength, explosive power, and endurance.

Often, in closely matched games, the key to winning lies in just a bit more physical endurance and stamina than the opponent.

This was reported by the media.



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