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Two days and one night of the Crown President Training Program, Johnny's brilliant courses were awe-inspiring, transforming Presidents and Crown Presi

12 / 30 / 2023

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The 2023 Total Swiss Crown President Training Program aims to help high-level leaders rediscover motivation and ambition, and unleash their boundless power after transformation.

Leadership and personal development is a massive undertaking, and helping high-level leaders rediscover their strength after transformation is not an easy task.

Under the guidance of Dr. Wang and with the support of the administrative teams in Taiwan and Korea, the Total Swiss training team lived up to the mission. Through a two-day and one-night training program, they successfully assisted over a hundred high-level leaders in their transformation, reigniting their immense passion and unwavering determination.

Here is a summary of the training program:

The Key to Exceptional Leadership

It is said that eagles can live up to seventy years. However, when an eagle reaches the age of forty, it faces a crucial choice: to die or undergo a prolonged transformation. If it chooses transformation, the eagle must fly to the mountain's peak, build a nest, and wait. It starts by biting off its talons, then plucking its claws, and finally shedding its feathers. After five months, new feathers grow, and the eagle can once again soar, gaining an additional thirty years of life. In a drought-stricken village in Africa, villagers sought the help of a rainmaker to solve their water problems. The rainmaker set up an altar fifty kilometers away from the village and asked the villagers to walk there barefoot as a sign of sincerity. However, on two occasions, the villagers were summoned and then sent back upon reaching the altar. So, on the third attempt, some villagers decided not to go, while those who still held hope made the journey. When they were turned away again for the third time, they angrily demanded an explanation from the rainmaker. The rainmaker pointed out that the villagers had come to pray for rain but hadn't even brought umbrellas, indicating a lack of faith. Real power comes from belief, and if even they didn't believe, his magical abilities would be ineffective.

Johnny, the teacher who excels in using stories to engage learners, used these two stories to illustrate that at Total Swiss, success requires a determined mindset of "must achieve Crown President."

A strong motivation and determination are the driving forces of success and the root of consistent action. With motivation and ambition, one can generate an incredible power to achieve 30 or 50 years' worth of results in just 3 years... For more valuable information, please click here.


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Two days and one night of the Crown President Training Program, Johnny's brilliant courses were awe-inspiring, transforming Presidents and Crown Presi

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